Financial Services Tailored to your Property Needs in the GTA

For more than 25 years, McCall Wynne Property Management Inc. has provided financial services for property Owners throughout the GTA. Today, we continue to preserve each property’s economic status through our accesses to innovative financial software.

Our Financial Services

We tailor our accounting applications to meet your property’s needs. Our financial services include:

  • Establishing a good relationship with the corporation's auditors
  • Reviewing the present financial operation of the property
  • Reporting on the status of the operation and the management plan on a monthly basis
  • Preparing a budget for the next fiscal period for the Board of Directors to review and adjust
  • Preparing monthly financial statements

  • Passing along all discounts achieved from bulk purchases
  • Attending the regular meeting of the Board of Directors to provide information on the operation of the property
  • Scheduling and coordinating invitations to the Condominium Corporation’s annual meeting
  • Provide an annual operating report, management plan and budget
  • Paying all accounts in a timely fashion in order to obtain maximum discounts

Our financially adept professionals at McCall Wynne Property Management Inc. are ready to take care of the banking needs of your property. Call today to learn how our financial services can benefit you.

We Keep Your Accounts Secure

We know the value of maintaining separate accounts (operating and reserve) for all funds of the corporation. At McCall Wynne Property Management Inc., we will secure these accounts in a Canadian chartered bank. On a monthly basis, we reconcile and report on the status of these accounts to your Board of Directors.

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