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We are a CMRAO licensed management firm with the tools, technology, and programs to suit your property’s needs.

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Property and Licensed Condominium Management Services from a Locally Owned Firm in the GTA

McCall Wynne Property Management Inc. is a licensed, locally owned and operated Property and Condominium Management firm with our head office located in Whitby.. Established in 1991, we are well versed in providing customized condominium management services to small and large-scale residential and commercial condominium corporations. We also provide property management for Owners of commercial buildings. We are your trusted neighbourhood contact when you need services for:

  • Residential high-rise and townhouse condominium management
  • Commercial condominium management
  • Professional, Medical and Commercial property management
  • Multi-unit rental residential buildings

How Are We Different From Other Property and Condominium Management Firms?

Our focus is on providing good customer service. No two Corporations have the same management requirements; we are able to customize our services to your needs. When you have a challenge, we work with you to problem solve and don’t pull the plug on a project until positive results are achieved.

We make it our goal to serve Property and Condominium Owners equitably by

  • Maintaining the building’s aesthetic and property value by maintaining and repairing to keeping the original architectural design intact and looking fresh
  • Ensuring the quiet enjoyment of the site by enforcing the Corporation’s Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Board of Director’s Policies
  • Our detailed approach provides you with all the information you need, which sets us apart from our competitors

The services at McCall Wynne Property Management Inc. include:

  • Accredited and licensed Condominium Managers
  • Prompt financial reporting to the Board of Director and Auditors
  • Same-day response to queries from residents
  • Clear and easy-to-understand documents provided to unit Owners
  • Use of accounting software tailored for property and condominium management
  • Open-door policy - Board members and Owners are always welcome to drop in during regular business hours

Attention Owners of Commercial buildings:

While we specialize in condominium management we also manage commercial buildings. We invite you give us a call and learn about how we can serve you.

Here When You Need Us: 24-Hour Emergency Service

The tools available at McCall Wynne Property Management Inc. make it easy for residents and tenants to enjoy where they live or work. We continue to make the process seamless by offering 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week. We value our clients; we always put your call above everything else.

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Your Property

We maintain your property by

a) ensuring that there is adequate insurance coverage for your property, based on accurate appraisals

b) repairing or replacing the common elements of your Corporation as required according to the Reserve Fund Study and current standards

c) Working with the unique and particular needs of your property.

Your Finances

We preserve your property’s economic status through

a) Careful budget preparation to meet the needs of the annual Operating expenses

b) Ensuring adequate funding for the Reserve Fund Plan for major repairs and replacements of the common elements

c) Collection of fees due with all the tools available

d) Ensuring the work done at the site is of good quality (measure twice, cut once!)

e) On-time payment for services, avoiding late fees and penalties.

Your Reports

Your property is important which is why we keep you up to date by:

a) Providing unit Owners with notices, newsletters, updated insurance certificates, status certificates, the annual budget and facilitating the annual general meeting.

b) Providing the Board of Directors with monthly reports, up to date insurance appraisals, updates on insurance options, annual budget preparation and coordinating the Reserve Fund Planning between the Reserve Fund Planner and the Board.

c) Adhering to the requirements for major repair and replacement of the common elements according to the Reserve Fund Plan.

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