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Welcome Fall!

It’s hard to believe summer is over, and fall is already here. We can look forward to clear crisp days and cooler nights.

We remind everyone that Owners and residents are responsible to take care of a few important exterior maintenance projects.

Fall “Honey-Do” List

Call your site manager if you have any questions.

  • Shut off the hose bibs at your unit. Turning off the water to the hose bib prevents water freezing in the pipe in winter, causing broken pipes and allowing water to escape. This easy maintenance task helps owners prevent costly repairs which owners are solely responsible for. Hose bibs are usually located on the exterior of the unit and there may be a second in your garage.
  1. First, turn off the water shut-off tap inside the unit that feeds the hose bib.
  2. Second, open the exterior tap to drain any remaining water from the hose bib.

  • Tidy your porch and exclusive use areas and gardens, and dispose of waste properly.
  • Store any out of season items such as patio furniture or planters in your garage or basement.
  • Get prepared for that first snowfall! Check your snow shovel to ensure it is in good condition and buy a few bags of road salt to make sure you are ready to clear and de-ice the walkway and driveway to your unit.
  • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors monthly by pushing the test button on the alarms. If your alarms are battery operated, we suggest you replace your batteries once a year in the fall. By Ontario law, smoke alarms are required on each storey of your unit and outside all sleeping areas, and CO detectors are required in homes that have gas burning appliances (e.g. furnace) or an attached garage.
  • The interior dryer air exhaust pipe and exterior dryer vent flaps should be cleared of lint annually in the fall.
  • Contact your Site Manager if you notice pests entering the building.

Fire Prevention Week

October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week. The 2016 theme is “Don’t Wait, Check the Date.” Smoke alarms have an expiry date indicated on the back of the alarm, usually 10 years after manufacture. Owners are required to check their smoke alarms, and replace if expired.

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